American Cancer Society

This is an ACTIVE club for 2023-2024.

What is this club about?

Foothill High School’s American Cancer Society (ACS) chapter supports the American Cancer Society, a national non-profit group committed to eliminating cancer as a major health issue worldwide. Our club works on raising awareness for cancer through volunteering, advocating, and educating members. ACS organizes and plans events for our club members to partake in, acting as a starting point for those who want to help their community but struggle with finding ways to do so on their own. We host a variety of educational activities such as guest speaker sessions and presentations at our biweekly meetings, in addition to advocacy activities and volunteer opportunities at local ACS events. With direct support from staff members of the American Cancer Society, our club focuses on instilling our members to support the fight against cancer.
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Who do I reach out to?

Membership Officer
👤 Clytie Huey
👤 Club Officers
Teacher Advisor
👤 Megan Lipman
Assigned Councilmember
👤 Tanvi Chaudhury
How do I join this club?
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How do I contact the teacher advisor (the adult in charge)?
While most questions pertaining to club meetings and mission are best referred to the student officers, an adult contact may be preferable in some cases. Send an email to the teacher advisor. Their email address is below their name.
I want to escalate something. How do I contact the Club Council?
The Club Council is a central body governing the operations of all clubs on campus. They are not involved with the specifics of the club, as that responsibility is shared by the club officers. The Club Council assigns a Councilmember to oversee each club. You can contact the assigned Councilmember at [email protected].

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