Mock Trial

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What is this club about?

Mock Trial is a competitive academic extra-curricular in which students argue a simulated court case to a sitting California judge. It is governed by the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) who oversees all highschool Mock Trial competitions and teams. Students learn the basics of courtroom etiquette and trial advocacy including skills such as direct examination, cross examination, making objections, and delivering arguments. Students compete in a county competition hosted by the Alameda County Office of Education. This consists of four trials, all of which are argued to a sitting California judge in front of a panel of attorneys who score them. The winner of the competition advances to the state level of the competition, and the winner of state advances to nationals. During the course of the semester, the Mock Trial team participates in a number of practice scrimmages against other high schools in the area. Notable local teams that we regularly scrimmage include Amador Valley High School, Terra Linda High School, San Francisco School of the Arts, and Tamalpais High School. We meet regularly three times a week in order to prepare our case and practice. All meetings are supervised and coached by our teacher advisor/coach, Mr. Hirose. There are no membership requirements, however students are sorted into teams depending on their level of competitive ability.
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