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What is this club about?

Disney Club aims to provide an inclusive, relaxing environment for students to destress and express their love for Disney. We offer a space to relax, take a mental breather from school, and enjoy the company of their friends and fellow club members. Our variety of unique and engaging activities include watch parties of classic Disney movies and specials, trivia, Disney-related or theme games, Disney drawing tutorial sessions, and cookie decorating for the holidays. Our events and activities happen during our meetings (1-2 times a month, in person on campus). Since Disney movies and media depict all cultures and backgrounds, we encourage members to share aspects of their own culture; cultural activities (such as Vietnamese Bua Cua for the lunar new year) are also supported. Disney “magic” entails hope, imagination, and positivity, so ultimately, our goal is to help students improve their well-being and create magical moments throughout high school.
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Membership Officer
👤 Emma Yang
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👤 Allison McKean
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👤 Tanvi Chaudhury
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How do I contact the teacher advisor (the adult in charge)?
While most questions pertaining to club meetings and mission are best referred to the student officers, an adult contact may be preferable in some cases. Send an email to the teacher advisor. Their email address is below their name.
I want to escalate something. How do I contact the Club Council?
The Club Council is a central body governing the operations of all clubs on campus. They are not involved with the specifics of the club, as that responsibility is shared by the club officers. The Club Council assigns a Councilmember to oversee each club. You can contact the assigned Councilmember at [email protected].

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