Symbolic Systems

This is an ACTIVE club for 2023-2024.

What is this club about?

The Symbolic Systems club is a student organization that explores the intersection of linguistics, philosophy, and computer science. SymSys is a place for students to engage in discussions and events related to how computers and their languages relate to humans and communication. The Symbolic Systems club stands out among student organizations in several ways. Firstly, it explores the intersection of philosophy, artificial intelligence, and linguistics, a unique and interdisciplinary field of study. The club provides a platform for students to engage in discussions and projects related to the nature of computation, human thought, and the role of technology in society. It’s not computer science itself that SymSys works on, but rather its resemblances to modern language and society; how computer syntax can be modified, improved, and worked upon to translate into common speech (and thus become accessible for everyone). Another unique aspect of the Symbolic Systems club is its focus on critical thinking and problem-solving. Members have the opportunity to delve into complex concepts and ideas, developing skills in analytical and creative thinking. This can be especially valuable in today's rapidly changing technological landscape, where the ability to understand and navigate complex systems is increasingly important. The club also provides a supportive and stimulating environment for its members. Through group discussions, project work, and other activities, members can connect with like-minded individuals and expand their knowledge and skills. They can also learn from guest speakers and participate in field trips to industry events, providing valuable real-world experience and exposure to the field. In conclusion, the Symbolic Systems club offers a unique and interdisciplinary experience for students, combining elements of computer science and philosophy to explore complex ideas and systems. The club's focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and real-world exposure sets it apart from other student organizations and provides valuable benefits for its members.

Who do I reach out to?

Membership Officer
👤 Advay Bajpai
👤 Club Officers
Teacher Advisor
👤 Jessica Bisagno
Assigned Councilmember
👤 Gia-Linh Phan
How do I join this club?
Thank you for your interest in joining! You can join the club by sending the membership officer an email to the address located under their name. If they are unresponsive, the assigned Club Councilmember can step in and connect you to the club officers, so email them.
How do I contact the club officers?
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How do I contact the teacher advisor (the adult in charge)?
While most questions pertaining to club meetings and mission are best referred to the student officers, an adult contact may be preferable in some cases. Send an email to the teacher advisor. Their email address is below their name.
I want to escalate something. How do I contact the Club Council?
The Club Council is a central body governing the operations of all clubs on campus. They are not involved with the specifics of the club, as that responsibility is shared by the club officers. The Club Council assigns a Councilmember to oversee each club. You can contact the assigned Councilmember at [email protected].

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